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Test events go smoothly as scheduled, says Beijing 2022 organizing committee******

BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG) said on a press conference Friday that test events which started on Oct. 5 have been going smoothly as scheduled.。

Two athletes from overseas who tested positive for COVID-19, both asymptomatic, have been isolated, according to the organizers.。

Yao Hui, venue management director for Beijing 2022, said the test events have been going on as scheduled, with six international competitions including the Speed Skating China Open, the 2021 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy and the ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating successfully concluding in the capital city. The BOCOG has arranged flights for athletes, officials and technical staff who will participate in the following test activities.。

Huang Chun, deputy director general of the Pandemic Prevention and Control Office at the BOCOG, told the press conference that two athletes from overseas tested positive for COVID-19, both of whom were asymptomatic. One got a positive PCR test result at customs and was confirmed positive in a retest on Nov. 4. The other was a close contact of the first, found positive in daily testing on Thursday. Now, the two athletes have been taken to isolation facilities in accordance with the playbook.。

The close contacts of the two athletes have been quarantined in respective single rooms, are dining alone and using dedicated shuttles between the quarantine location and the venue.。

As the playbook specifies, close contacts will be allowed to participate in the Games with negative COVID-19 test results in twice daily testing. For confirmed positive athletes, they will be isolated in accordance with the guidelines in the playbook before meeting the requirements of discharge. If the athletes wish to return to their game-time roles, they will be asked to adopt additional countermeasures that apply to close contacts.。

The closed loop is a strict system to protect the health and safety of participants, but the BOCOG always endeavors to provide all athletes with friendly services, including currency exchange, hairdressing, convenience stores and a coffee shop.。

Polish luger Mateusz Sochowicz fractured his leg on Monday afternoon when he was attending a training session organized by the FIL Luge International Training Week in the Yanqing competition zone. He was immediately taken to hospital and received surgery that night, and is expected to leave the hospital on Friday.。

"Medical workers arrived at the accident location in three minutes, and it took about 30 minutes to take Sochowicz to hospital. They tried their best to rush to hospital as quickly as possible with safe driving on mountain roads," Yao said. Enditem。


















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Verstappen holds off Hamilton to win F1 US GP******

By F1 correspondent Michael Butterworth

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- Red Bull's Max Verstappen extended his lead in the 2021 Formula One World Championship by holding off Lewis Hamilton to win an absorbing United States Grand Prix at Austin on Sunday.

In yet another captivating duel between the title contenders that went all the way to the final lap, Verstappen withstood heavy pressure from a charging Hamilton on fresher tyres to claim his first victory in the USA.

Starting from pole position, Verstappen lost out to Hamilton at the start, but retook the lead by pitting three laps before the Mercedes driver and taking advantage of his fresher rubber to pump in faster lap times.

The high degree of tyre wear at the Circuit of the Americas meant that two pit stops were the order of the day, but while Verstappen made his second stop on lap 29, Hamilton stayed out until lap 37 before pitting again, eventually emerging 12.5 seconds behind the Dutchman.

With his tyres eight laps younger than Verstappen's, Hamilton rapidly closed on the Red Bull and had the gap down to 2.6 seconds by lap 47, as Verstappen struggled to carve his way cleanly through the backmarkers.

But just when it seemed inevitable that Hamilton would catch and pass Verstappen, the Briton began to lose momentum in the turbulent air thrown up by the rear of the Red Bull, and Verstappen just managed to eke out his tyre life enough to keep the Mercedes out of DRS range and take a brilliantly composed win.

"Of course we lost out at the start so we had to try and do something else," said Verstappen afterwards. "The tyre wear is quite high around this track, we went aggressive and I was not sure it was going to work but the last few laps were fun. A bit sideways through the high-speed corners but super happy to hang on [to win]."

Verstappen's teammate Sergio Perez survived a malfunctioning drinks bottle to round out the podium places in third place. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc took a fine fourth, ahead of the McLaren of Daniel Ricciardo. Hamilton's teammate Valtteri Bottas finished sixth after taking a grid penalty for an engine change, with Leclerc's teammate Sainz in seventh.

Ricciardo's teammate Lando Norris took eighth ahead of AlphaTauri's Yuki Tsunoda, and the Aston Martin of Sebastian Vettel rounded out the top ten.

Verstappen's eighth win of the season puts him on 287.5 points, 12 ahead of Hamilton with five races to go. Bottas remains third with 185 points.

In the constructors' standings, Mercedes still lead with 460.5 points, but Red Bull have closed up and now have 437.5 points. McLaren are third with 254.

The next round of the 2021 F1 World Championship is next weekend's Mexico City Grand Prix. Enditem

陕西等省份持续4天之上沒有新发病例 疫情正实现合理操纵******





















  全国各地抗体检测组织 超1.一万家。


  国家卫生健康委医政医管局监察专员郭燕红详细介绍,当今在我国可进行抗体检测的组织 总量早已做到11581家,比上年3月提升4.6倍。

  郭燕红详细介绍,现阶段每日可以检验的总数做到单管系统单检29十万份,比上年3月提升22.1倍,根据混检的方式 ,总体检验工作效率和工作能力还能完成增长。

  为进一步提高抗体检测的工作便捷水平,国家卫生健康委将对焦合理布局合理性,信息内容公开透明,服务项目方便化开展工作:地区以设区市为企业,对抗体检测点开展网格化管理合理布局,让人们可以就近原则得到抗体检测服务项目;抗体检测组织 要向社会发展给予24小时测试服务,对“应检尽检”“愿检尽检”的人群要争取在6钟头之内意见反馈結果。据新华通讯社,中国新闻社。



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